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About Us

Coastal Valet Trash Services is a Christian based, 

HUB and woman-owned business that was started

with the idea to give opportunities and financial

independence to hard-working, goal-oriented people

who dream of success and controlling their own

future.   Believing in the concept that people work

harder and excel more when they don't just have a job but when they are a part of something, where they actually reap the financial benefits of their hard work, Coast Valet Trash Services was born.   We strive to be good Stewards of the World we live in and the blessings God has given us.  By doing so, we hope to make our Communities a better place to live, and be a blessing to others.

Coastal Valet Trash Services is a local company with many years of experience in the janitorial, waste and facility maintenance and management business.   You may ask,  "What does that mean for me as a Customer?"   Accountability, Reliability and Exceptional Service!   Being local gives us the opportunity to give back to the Residents we serve by helping to sponsor special events at their apartment community and by donating and volunteering with local charities. 

What makes us different?   

Unlike large companies, we do not have hundreds, or thousands of apartment communities we work with, and manage across the state or nation.  Just like our name says, Coastal Valet Trash Services is a valet trash SERVICE company and our goal is not to have the MOST Communities to service, but to provide the BEST SERVICE to the ones we have!   Each individual community is a priority to us!  

Our Regional Managers are local and manage less than 10 properties each, thereby being able to check on their properties regularly and be available when needed.  They are not Employees, but instead Partners in our Company, who receive a percentage of the Company's  profits based on the retention of the Properties they manage.   Being partners in the Company guarantees that our attention to service will never decline because, as Partners and not just Employees,  they have a vested interest in retaining your business and serving your Community.   That is why you can always count on Coastal Valet Trash Services to go the extra mile!