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  • One Price per Door with no additional fees!
  • You can add valet trash service with NO money up front.
  • Valet trash services will increase your Net Operating Income.
  • Increases property value, rental and retention rates.
  • We offer Ramp up Services.
  • We offer discounts for multi-property contracts.
  • We provide Free durable Trash Cans that go from kitchen to doorstep.
  • We provide Free replacement Trash Cans.
  • Trained, uniformed valets are background checked and insured.
  • Valets will clean the area around dumpsters and collect loose trash on the property.
  • Regional Managers check up on service, and valets, using our Work-force Management app with GPS Tracking 
  • Valets use Management app  to check into Properties and report problems and violations.  
  • We include Pet Waste Station pickup in our One Price per Door fee and offer FREE Pet Waste bags and liners.
  • In an effort to keep the environment clean, we offer a great
    doorstep recycling program.
  • FREE durable, Recycling bags are used to encourage recycling                                      and make it easier on your residents.
  • Supplies personally delivered to Property by Regional                               Managers so  Manager,  so no  ordering and waiting on
    Supplies to arrive.


  • Convenience - No more hauling heavy trash to a far away dumpster.
  • Clean breezeways and common areas.
  • We offer a FREE trash receptacle that looks nice in the kitchen.
  • We offer FREE, durable recycle bags to each resident.
  • All our employees are background checked for your safety.
  • Our uniformed employees help deter crime.
  • Discounts for removing and hauling large items.

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